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1.  Send us a sample case or package of product and a sample piece of the foreign material.  Please send all frozen or fresh samples with the appropriate controls to maintain proper temperatures.  Large temperature variations could alter the results of the evaluation or inspection.

2.  We will perform a free evaluation to inform you of the results on the same day the sample is received in most cases.

  • Detection Level - we will break the foreign material up to find the smallest detection level.
  • Quote the costs of inspection per package or per case price.
  • Determine an accurate turnaround time to complete the inspection.
  • We will work with you to try to accommodate any special time restraints.

3.  Shipment dates are set up by customer.  Most dry loads can be set up to deliver to our facility at your convenience Monday through Friday 7:00 am to 5:00 pm.  We will store your product at no cost in our 25,000 square foot secure facility during the inspection process.  Frozen loads require a bit more planning due to our limited frozen storage.  It is often convenient to have a driver arrive at 7:00 am and wait the 6 to 8 hours while inspections are performed.  We will work out of the refrigerated trailer throughout the process using insulated bulkhead doors to seal the cold air inside the trailer.  Pallets are removed one at a time per line with temperature checks being performed throughout the inspection and are annotated on the inspection analysis sent to you upon completion.

4.  Pallets are broken down to case or package depending on the project and is sent through our x-ray system.  Any rejected or damaged packages are removed, clearly marked, and segregated. 

5.  Inspection analysis reports are generated and sent to the appropriate customer contacts indicating the quantity of clean and rejected packages. 

7.  Transportation is set up by the customer.  A Bill of Lading will be created and the truck will be sealed for a secure delivery to customer's destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  What is done with rejected material?

Answer:  All rejected material is segregated and clearly marked.  There are three options our customers have on disposition of rejected products. 

  1. Product can be denatured and destroyed at our facility.  This is a free service unless the rejected material becomes a large quantity of product.  Any additional charges will be discussed with customer before any actions are taken.
  2. Rejected product can be put back in the trailer if the load is returning to the originating plant of manufacture.  Product is clearly marked and normally placed on the floor of the trailer to ensure that the receiving facility personnel are required to manually unload to prevent any chance of mixing rejected product from good product.
  3. Rejected product can be sent via UPS or FedEx to a location requested by the customer.  The costs for these shipments can either be added to the inspection invoice or we can use your account number to set up the shipment with the appropriate carrier.
  4. Product can be opened and evaluated at our facility to locate and identify the actual rejected material.  We will perform this service at no cost if there are only a couple of rejected  items.  If significant time is spent opening product, costs will be added to the inspection invoice at an hourly rate.

Question:  Are lot codes, date codes, or production dates kept separate?

Answer:  Yes, when possible, all lots of products are kept separate to maintain traceability unless otherwise instructed by the customer.

Question:  Does Trinity X-Ray operate under HACCP principles? 

Answer:  Yes, Trinity X-Ray does operate under HACCP principles.  We operate under strict sanitation and GMP regulations. 

Question:  Are seeded samples used during inspections?

Answer:  Yes, seeded samples are sent through at a minimum of once every 30 minutes to validate our process and our operators. 

Question:  What is done with cases that are required to be opened for inspection?

Answer:  Our staff is trained on the appropriate handling of product.  We pride ourselves on making the product's appearance and integrity equal to or better than it arrived to our facility.  Whether it is taped or glued, the cases will be re-constructed in a professional manner.



What we inspect

  • Food products in sealed packaging
  • Frozen, Fresh, and dry products
  • Pharmaceutical products 
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Circuit Boards or Electronics
  • Toys
  • Bottled liquid products

Defects Detected

  • Foreign Materials
  • Missing, under, or overfilled product
  • Broken circuitry or wiring
  • Packaging Defects such as broken bottles
  • Verify Item Counts inside packaging
  • Electronic defects

 Foreign Materials

 All detection materials and sizes depend and vary greatly and will be  determined on a case by case basis using samples.

  • Ferrous Metal & Stainless - down to 0.6mm
  • Non-ferrous Metal - down to 0.6mm
  • Plastics - down to 1mm (varies greatly)
  • Glass - down to 0.6mm
  • Stone - down to 0.8mm
  • Rubber or gasket material - down to 1mm
  • Wood, cardboard, gloves - varies greatly

X-ray inspections

X-ray inspection is a product saving technology for products that might otherwise be destroyed or set aside for expensive, labor intensive re-work.  Trinity X-ray was started to help manufacturers, large and small, find solutions to save products that need inspected without damaging or opening finished packaging.   Whether there has been a breakdown in operator procedures or equipment malfunctions, let Trinity X-Ray help find cost effective solutions to save your product and protect your bottom line.


Send your product to our facility for inspection by our trained professional staff.  We have a 25,000 square foot facility located in Fort Worth, Texas.  No matter where your location in the United States, x-ray inspection has been proven to be cost effective even with transportation costs figured into the final analysis. 


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