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we don't brag!  

Our customer's names and logos are their business.  We do not believe in, nor intend to ever use our customer's names or logos for marketing or bragging rights.   We want our customers to feel secure and confidential when they choose to use our services. 

There are others in this industry.  It is our goal to become the very best at what we do.  We will not fear change.  We will use and embrace it.  Change is hard but it is what separates the complacent from the creative.

We will never be satisfied with our current capabilities.  When you stop trying to be the best, you will never achieve your potential.  Innovation is born from research, development, and sometimes chance.

We all have families and that is how we set our standards of quality and safety.  Jarrod Satterwhite  is the Plant Manager.  He has over 11 years experience managing operations in food safety inspections.  All executives, administrators, and operators are trained with the idea that anything leaving our facility will be  safe enough to end up in any one of our homes or on any one of our family's tables.  This attitude helps maintain the highest level of commitment from each and everyone of us everyday that we arrive at work.   

Our people are our greatest assets and customer service is our mission.

Our mission is to provide the highest, most cost effective solutions to our customers.  This is done by finding the right people and training them to be efficient and professional, always keeping in mind the needs of the customers without settling on anything less than the best.
The goals of our business will always be the protection of our customers, their brands, and the consumers who purchase their products.

Safety and quality above all else

Many companies and industries are driven only by profit margins and bottom lines.  Trinity X-Ray is driven by philosophies based in safety and customer service.  We take great pride in the product that is inspected in our facility.

People are our customers

Customers are not computers, corporate offices, emails, or faxes.  Trinity X-Ray will come to know the people behind a customer's name.  When we understand our customers, we can customize services to best suit their needs and concerns. 

We're not just a vendor, we are a partner   

A partner is someone who believes in the same standards, principals, and morals.  We will not sacrifice the partnerships we create for substandard quality, money, or the safety of either party.  This is a dying quality rarely found in businesses today.  Our approach will be built on these principals.




Development of new ideascdd

We strive to constantly improve our equipment and capabilities.  This includes maintaining the most up to date technologies that are available.


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